Spacious, light-filled rooms with ceilings to 11’, including a new gourmet kitchen, formal dining room, living room, second living room/library, four bedrooms, two home offices, three new bathrooms, and a second kitchen. The house has wide hallways and doorways and an unfinished open-area basement of 1,000 sq. ft.

Always a single-family home, built in 1887, preserved intact. Beautiful wooden shutters, doors, floors and plaster moldings throughout. Original features include 9 fireplaces (2 working), stained glass windows and skylight, elegant staircase with mahogany banister, marble sinks, and oak-paneled butler’s pantry.

Private garden and bluestone patio measures 34’ by 18’, gets full sun and is planted with flowers and two small trees. A shady section is filled with green hostas and ferns. Front of the building has a stoop and a 13’ by 13’ courtyard. The flat roof measures 56’ by 18’.

Entire house and garden are available for shooting and for backstage areas. Use the extra rooms for equipment staging, wardrobe and make-up, lounge/green room, video village, and the 10-seat dining room for meals or client conferences. Use the kitchen-dining room floor for your catering and craft services. The two private front entrances (one up the stoop, one under the stoop), help streamline access to the house.

Tie in to a 200 amp box in the basement, or plug into at least three dedicated 15 or 20 amp outlets on each floor. Sixty amps are in use regularly, leaving 140 amps available for shoots. The central stairwell plus an additional internal cable shaft lets you easily snake cables from the basement box up to all floors.

Free use of all props, including many pieces of traditional and modern furniture, decorations, housewares, plants, art, kitchen items (cookware, equipment), table settings (several sets of china, glasses, cutlery), linens, and garden furniture. You may move our props within the townhouse and use them on any floor, or take them out of the way if bringing in your own props. ADT alarm system helps protect your property overnight.

Amenities include WiFi, use of both kitchens and outdoor grill for food preparation, the 3 large refrigerator-freezers for food storage, the 30-cup coffee maker, the washer and dryer, 4 wardrobe/apparel racks, irons and ironing boards, various ladders, and the ping pong table.

Film friendly owner is experienced in accommodating large crews. He joins the tech scout to answer house-related questions that will facilitate your prep.  During shoots he’s nearby if any questions arise, but stays discreetly out of sight.

Free use of our house protection materials which include pre-cut runner rugs and ram board for the floors, pre-cut upson board for the internal glass doors and woodwork, and a dozen furniture blankets. Reusing our supplies will save you time and money, and is environmentally sound.

Only one shoot or event can be scheduled per day, giving you exclusive, quiet, and undisturbed use of all facilities. Because this is a private house you’ll have no hassles from a co-op or condo board, a building management company, building employees or tenants. No curfews or time-of-day access restrictions.

Location is mid-block on a wide, quiet street in the heart of the Upper West Side/Central Park West Historic District, 1 ½ miles from midtown. Convenient parking on the street and at nearby garages. Subway stop for the B and C trains is one block away (86th St. and Central Park West). The 1 train is three blocks away (86th St. and Broadway).

Location Map